Since Ontario government introduced Green Energy Act and rolled out FIT, Micro Fit incentive programs property owners have been installing solar panels on top of their roofs and generating electricity and money from these solar panels which is guaranteed by Ontario Government.

Electricity productions from solar power systems do not produce any pollutants or greenhouse gases; hence they do not damage our environment. This allows our future generations to be able to experience a world that we, the older generation, lived in harmony years ago. This is a WIN-WIN situation where everybody wins.

So what are your options to go solar? In Ontario you can Go solar and participate in Feed-in Tariff or Net Metering Programs. 

Eligible generators can sign a contract with the Ontario Government body (IES0) for 20 years to sell electricity and receive a guaranteed price per kilowatt hour. The micro FIT program is for projects with a capacity of 10 kilowatts or less. The FIT program is for larger projects that are larger than 10 kilowatts. Click here and watch infomercial on Feed in Tariff   

Net metering allows to send excess electricity your solar power system generate during the day to the distribution system and receive credit toward your energy costs. What you’ll see on your bill is the “net” difference between these two amounts. If you supply more power than what you take from the grid over the billing cycle, you’ll receive a credit toward future energy bills.   The credit can be carried forward for up to 12 months. Click here and watch infomercial on Feed in Tariff   

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